St. Anselm's 8th grade Graduation 50 year Anniversary  - October 11, 2003
Photos compliments of Clare Schwarz Ritter

St. Anselm's Kindergarten picture (Paddy Moore)

  St. Anselm's 8th Grade Graduation  ---- 1953


A re-enactment of the 8th grade graduation picture


Another try ... too much fun!


First Communion, May 1947

  First Grade 1945-1946


Second Grade April 1947

  Third Grade 1947-48


Fourth Grade


Mary Belle Hart, Pat Wendell, Pat Massey, Mary Ann Schembs, Kathy Sheridan, Debbie Cline


Lynn Regalia, Mary Lu Hall, Mary Belle Hart


From the Diaries of Bob Del Tredici (1950-51-52)   Pat Carter, Bob Del Tredici
Beth Kruger, Sister Herbert, Nancy Thompson /Mary Lu Hall Diane Maestretti   Steve Elder - Ken Crowe
Bob Del Tredicci, Dick Tarrant, Barry Sharrow and Roger Chaix   Barry and Bruce Sharrow  -- Dick Yoell