Mary Oliva and Joe Mariani Senior Year Al Puccinelli and Vic Frugoli Vic Frugoli, Mark Johnson, Bruce Sauer, and Steve Elder 
picture from Leah Bemiss Sanders
  St. Anselm's 1953 Mary Lymburner, Marge Bilderback, Kathy Menini, Dianne Devoy (Marge Bilderback) Top: Kathy Sheridan, Noreen O'Rourke, Maryann Schembs, Dorothy Briare
bottom: Debbie Cline, Mary Oliva, Pat Wendell, Connie Henneberry, Beth Kruger
at Mary Ann Schemb's 14th birthday in Kentfield
  Debbie Cline, Mary Ann Schembs, Kathy Sheridan at Stinson Beach 1956? 1957? Sue Baysinger, Sue Cullen Jack Quintero, Dannie Clifford  
  Fran Amato, Kathy Menini, MaryLu Hall, Dianne DeVoy   "The Court Yard"  
  Sue Cullen, Nice New Mercury Convertible (Marge Collins)   LOTZA Pictures, Pat Massey's scrapbook  
  Two MCHS graduates at St. Anselm's 8th grade graduation (can you guess)** Dick Yoell, San Francisco Police (1960's) Sharon Morphy, Juanita Aralar, Roberta Keesmaat, Kathy Carlson, Diana Nevins, ... (Roberta Keesmaat)  




  **Dick Yoell and Mary Lu Hall