Nostalgia This and That, Page 3

Sue Cullen, Marge Bilderback, ... Kathy Menini, Fran Amato, Dixie Heer, Sue Baysinger (Marge Bilderback)

Senior Ball Program "Almost Paradise" May 11, 1957
St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco (from Leah Bemiss Sanders)

Walker and Marge Bilderback Collins

Senior Prom dinner at Juanita's (Roberta Keesmaat)



Tom Nunes, Dannie Clifford

Tom and Diane Clifford Nunes  


Carol Martin and Barry Sharrow

Scotti Golsch and Bruce Sharrow  

Bob Lewis and Phyllis Rogers

Leah Bemiss and Dick Thompson  and Mary Oliva and Joe Mariani


Moments to Remember, Junior Prom

Judy O'Brien, George Cruickshank, Colleen Cooper, Leroy Bersaglieri  
  Mike Doolittle, Irene Tobener, Pat Massey ....    
  Junior Prom, School Library