Nostalgia This and That - Page 7 
(photos from Jeanne Wilson & Mary Mariani)



  Sixteen Tons and what do you get !!!  Gayle and Dannie

  Joanne Hamon and Jean Estrada   Dian Clifford - Jean Wilson                                            Mavis Brady - Jean Wilson
  Kathy, Mary Belle, Debbie, Fran, Pat, Maryann, Pat, Jeanne and Judy   Mary Belle, Pat, Debbie, Kathy

  Maryann Schembs - Jeanne Wilson  

Pat Massey and Dian Clifford


Dixie Heer and Marge Bilderback


Ski Trip - Jeanne Wilson   - Rosemary Del Rosso, Barb Elliott, Judy Roddy


Paddy Moore

Joe Mariani "Whoops" 1955
  Joe, Mary, Bruce and Vic at the Condor (remember Carol Doda?)   Irene Tobener and Debbie Cline
  8th Grade - Mary Lu Hall, Judy Roddy, Janet Doyle and Lynn Regalia   Colette, Paddy, Sally and Clare
  Arlene, Louise, Noreen, Jeanne, Dianne, Bonnie   Dave and Fran
  Sue, Judy, Carol, Bonnie, Dixie, Marge, ?   Sally McCarthy and Jim Holmgren