Mini Reunion - July 16, 2006
Hosts:  Kathy and Mike Doolittle, Fran and Dave Cunneen  
photographer got over-heated on very warm day and missed getting everyone.  Will promise to do better next time!

Mike and Kathy Doolittle Fran and Dave Cunneen Jim and Merle Inden
The Sharrow Wives, Pattie and Phyllis Roger Chaix and Dave Gernetzke

Roberta Keesmaat Chase, Diana Nevins Cohen

Diana Nevins Cohen and Dick Tarrant John Plytnick Dick Yoell and Mike Doolittle

Jan and Dick Quierolo Irene Tobener Kiff George and Paula Cruickshank
George Buckle and Arlene Leal Sue Nichols WIlliams Willie and Steve Elder
Noreen O'Rourke Gelsi-Medeot Sue Baysinger Leonardi Pat Massey Lord
Irene Tobener Kiff, Steve Elder, Roger Chaix, George Cruickshank, Phyllis Sharrow and Dave Cunneen Jeanne Wilson, John Plytnick, Jim Inden, Rosemary Del Rosso Haver