35 YEARS! Wild Horse Country Club 1992

Mary Oliva, Sister Herbert, Pat Massey

Gail Thomas, Sue Bruemmer, Anne Fenton Phyllis, Mark and Marie Johnson, Georgelle

Mary Lu and Bob, Sue and John, Dave Codoni and Bob Leary

John Plytnick, Beth Kruger, Father Dullea, Mike and Kathy Doolittle Mary Ann, Francine, Rosemary and Sister Herbert

Jim and Merle Inden

Joe Mariani and Jeanne Wilson Judy Roddy, Paddy Moore, Jean Young

Gail, Fran, Irene and Arlene

Dixie and Judy Beorge & Paul Cruickshank, Marie Johnson

Barry Sharrow, Judy Roddy (intense discussion?) Paul Monahan, Joe Morehead (deep thought?) Doug & Judy Ziegler, Mark Johnson (scary story?)

Leah Bemiss, Shirley Digesti, Sue Baysinger

Danny Ritter, Bill Stiveson, Bob Leary and Phyllis Colleen Cooper Bersaglieri, Georgelle Wishard

Pat Wendell, Mike Chitty, Leroy Bersaglieri Pat Massey, Dave Wilson, Dick Tarrant Beth Kruger, Dorothy Briare, Mary Ann Schembs

Roberts Keesmaat, Bob & Mary Lu Hall Burchard Roberta Keesmaat and Paddy Moore Roger Chaix, Bruce Sauer, Dave Wilson

Sister Cecilia of Mary and George Wishard (the hat?) Vic Frugoli, Mark Johnson, Joe Mariani Vic Frugoli, Mary Oliva

Wes Curry, Roberta Keesmaat, Paul Monahan, Jim Holmgren Monsignor Keane, the Abramson's, Doolittle's, Cruickshank's and Kiff's