Ernie, Joan Ongaro,  and Dian Clifford Zantop

Dorothy Briare Miehe, Nancy Thompson Giorgi
and Beth Kruger Holden



Sue Cullen Basset and Judy Miller Ball

Mark Johnson, Phyllis Rogers Sharrow, Vic Frugoli,
and Bruce Sauer


George and Paula Cruickshank, John Abramson Bill and Dixie Heer Stiveson  

Will and Leah Bemiss Sanders

Kathy Sheridan Doolittle, Pat Wendell Chitty, Debbie Cline Monaco and Pat Massey Lord  
Arlene Leal and Roberta Keesmaat Chase Mary Lu Hall Burchard, Jim Holmgren  

Mary Oliva Mariani, Irene Tobener Kiff, Mary Lu Hall Burchard, Tom Nunes and Dian Clifford Zantop