Celebrating 50 years - Marin Catholic
Sunday, September 16, 2007
Sunday Morning, Clear Blue Sky! All is well. Looking out from new Chapel to bell tower  Chapel on left (now theater); new chapel in center behind bell tower and nun's residence, now offices to the right.
Chapel windows looking towards Mt. Tam Hall with graduation pictures and art project Reverend Al Puccinelli, Marist Missionary
Mary Mariani - Dick Tarrant   Father Al with his homily
Preparing for school tour Dannie Clifford, Gayle Charles Dick Yoell
Clare Schwarz Kathy Doolittle - Mary Belle Hart Dave and Rosemary Coffrini Codoni
George Catalaa Wonder what Jim said to Steve? Hmmmm.  
Who me? Motorcycle John, Rev. Al, Sue & John Bassett and Sue Cullen said to Maryann Schembs?
Frank Aftowicz  and Mary Bell Hart
Love those Mimosa's!!!
John Abramson, Rosemary, Judy Miller
What more champagne drinkers?  
Mary Oliva & John Plytnick
Champagne in the Libary? Mimosas?  
Wow, have times changed!!!
Mary Lu, Beth, Dorothy Connie, another happy camper!