Celebrating 50 years - Sunday Afternoon
September 16, 2007 at Pat's

The Welcome Mat is Out!!!


The Hostesses (Pat, Jeanne) and Cook Bruce


The Cooks Hard at Work!


More Cooking!!! 
Bruce gets Margarita, Pat spills Margarita and so it went!!!


Pat, Joe & Deb Cline Monaco


Pat with food!


Mary Lu Hall ... now which button is which?


The Margarita Mixers, Jeanne Wilson & Pattie Sharrow


Happiness is good food, chit-chat, and margaritas!!






Dixie, Rosemary and Clare


Bob Burchard (Mary Lu) Mary Oliva and Clare Schwarz


Barb Elliott


Add to the happiness, a Mariachi Band




Al Puccinelli and Pat Wendell


Willie Elder (Steve)


Mike Chitty, John Bassett. Sue Cullen, Al Puccinelli and Bruce


Willie and Steve Elder, Joel and Irene Tobener Kiff



Barry, Deb Cline, Mike Chitty