50 Year Reunion Weekend 
September 14, 2007, Hilton Hotel, Santa Rosa, CA

First Things first!  Let's get this wine open!!

And ... get out that dessert!

Sue Cullen, Bobbi Keesmaat 

Merle Inden (Jim) and George Buckle

Jean Taylor (Dick Yoell) and Pat Wendell

Jack Quintero and Dannie Clifford
Mary Lu Hall, Bob Burchard, and Pattie Sharrow George & Paula Cruickshank, Jim Inden

Louise Leonardi, Dannie Clifford

Linda & Roger Chaix, George Cruickshank

Diana Nevins, Pat Wendell

Barb Phelan and Phyllis Rogers
Judy Roddy, Jeannie Young Joe & Mary Oliva Mariani, Carol King Jordan Winnie Curran, Maryann Schembs, Colette Stark