55 YEAR REUNION - October 7, 2012, Deer Park Villa, Fairfax, CA

Thanks Dixie for setting everything up at Deer Park Villa.  It was wonderful! and you were a wonderful greeter!!

Photo boards made by Bobbi Keesmaat Chase .. Thank you so much, they were wonderful.  Dixie will keep and take care of.

Tables all set and ready for action.  Note the blue MCHS coffee mugs also from Monsignor Lacey. 

For all of those we loved and miss. 

Father Al giving us all a blessing .. even if he is retired.


Thank you Monsignor Lacey from the Class of 1957.  We did indeed have a wonderful toast and some great stories thanks to Dave Gernetzke.  We thank you and will remember you in our thoughts and prayers.

Leah and Rosemary

Rosemary  - Richard

Pat, Kathy, Jeanne and Diane

Phyllis, Diana, Bobbi and Juanita

Diana, Mary Lu and Jeanne

Diana and Juanita

Joanna, Jeanne, Dian and Gail

Jeanne, Pat and Bobbi

Diana, John and Phyllis

Dian, Tom, Pat, Kathy and Jeanne

Sue - Bobbi

Clare (Excellent photographs by the way) and Nancy

"The husbands"
Dan (Clare) Roy (Nancy) Ernie (Joan)

Carol and Dave

Beth, Sue and Dorothy

Francine and Pat

Barb, Jim, Rosemary, Dian and Rosemary

Steve and Willie

Arlene and Barry

Happy Group: Ann, Sue, Dixie, Bill, Mary Lu, Bob and Arlene

More  happiness ..
Willie, Steve, Mike, Kathy, Fran

Francine - Dorothy and Nancy

Hank, Sue, John, Sue, Judy and Carol

Joan, Ernie and Arlene

Shirley and Leah

John and Sue
Al & his sister Doreen at a Giants game!!!