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Boise, Idaho, October 2012

Fran Cunneen, Kathy Doolittle, and Phyllis Sharrow fly to Boise, Idaho to visit Pat and Mike Chitty.  Note Pat's right foot in brace .. couldn't travel after surgery so friends went to her.  We were visiting the Idaho Anne Frank Idaho Human Rights Museum in first two pictures; courtyard by Pat and Mike's front door; and out to a wonderful Mexican dinner in the evening.  Lots and Lots of fun!


Roberta Keesmaat, Judy Miller, Juanita Aralar
Hawaii 2006

Tom Nunes, 1984 Cutting Horse Champion


Jeanne Wilson, Mary Ann Schembs, Pat Massey (9/06) Noreen O'Rourke and Joan Mattos (9/25/06) Renee Tobener - Pat Massey (9/29/06)

Dian Clifford, Jeanne Wilson, Pat Massey & Mary Ann Schembs
March 2006

Clare Schwarz, Mary Oliva, Kathy Sheridan,
Mary Ann Schembs & Beth Kruger August 2004

Mary Ann Schembs, Deb Cline, Pat Massey

Beth Kruger, Joann Hamon, Mary Belle Hart, Dorothy Briare