Recent Photos of Classmates  (Page 1 of 10)
Jean Taylor and Dick Yoell Walker and Marge Bilderback Collins Bruce and Nikki Sauer
Dan and Clare Schwarz Ritter Anne Fenton Phillips Richard and Pat Carter Barnes
Bruce & Phyllis Rogers Sharrow Roberta Keesmaat & Wes Curry Barbara Elliotf
Rosemary Coffrini Codoni Al Puccinelli and friend (?) Bonnie Flynn and Judy Caron
Dorothy Briare Miehe and family Jean Young Connie Henneberry Tompkins and nieces
Ken and Pat McTaggert Denny & Collette Stark Kempton plus Tequilia Mike and Pat Wendell Chitty

Sue Bruemmer Nelson, great grand daughter Taylor

Vic Frugoli Dian Clifford and Tom Nunes