Celebrating 50 years - The Big Event
Saturday, September 15, 2007
Let the Arrival's Begin   Mary Belle Hart, Joe & Mary Mariani
Jim H, Judy Roddy, Jeanie Young, Dick Tarrant   Kathy & Mike Doolittle
Gerry & Sally McCarthy Seelman   Dave & Louise Wilson
Bobbi Keesmaat & Mary Belle Hart   Dave & Fran Cunneen
Leroy & Noreen Gelsi-Medeot   Frank & Maryann, Rosemary Coffrini, Renee Tobener
Judy Roddy, Jeanie Young   Dick Tarrant, Connie Henneberry, Pat Massey
Barbara Phelan   John & Carol King Jordan
Sandy West   John Plytnick, Joan & Ernie Ongaro
The Monahan's, Paul and Maureen   Rosemary Del Rosso
Beth & Don Holden   Dick and Jean Yoell
George Buckle   The Kemptons, Colette and Dennis
Mary Lu and Bob   Bob & Dorothy
Now Let's take the big picture!!!