Celebrating 50 years - The Big Event
Saturday, September 15, 2007
Isn't this some cake?    Jeanne Wilson, George Catalaa and Dian Clifford
Senior Prom Dates - Al Puccinelli & Kathy Carlson    
Bruce and Phyllis   Sally McCarthy and Renee
Mark and Marie Johnson   Shirley Digesti, Sue Baysinger, Mary Belle Hart
Roger and Linda   Laura and John Abramson
Gail and Chuck   Kathy Carlson
Steve and Willie   Anne and Vic
George & Paula   Carol King, Paddy Moore, Nancy Thompson, Judy Roddy
Sister Herbert, Peggy Rombach   Anne Fenton
George Catalaa, Mark Johnson, Mike Doolittle   Vic and Jeanie
Shirley and Leah   Dave, George, Paul and Mike
John Abramson   Renee
Winnie and Naomi   Deb and Phyllis
Beth, Ken Crowe, Carol King   Joe and Deb
Mike and Pat   Dorothy, Beth, Ken, Nancy, Judy and Paddy
Ellis & Judy   Arlene
Then there was the raffle!!    
Joe Morehead and Barb   Sister Herbert on a chair ... Al, what did you do?
Colette and Dennis   Two Sue's, Cullen and Baysinger
Rosemary and Willie   Ticket Sales going strong!!
Margie guarding the prizes!   Group Shot